Shangri La Minsk'te yeni kart oyunu

Shangri La Minsk'te yeni kart oyunu

Shangri La casino has a new card game - three-card poker.
Three-card poker is an interesting and popular type of game offered in many world casinos. In terms of the rules, it is similar to Caribbean poker, where the dealer is in opposition. There can be no more than six participants at the table. But you can try your luck at several tables at the same time - this is allowed. During the game, partners can communicate, exchange opinions.
The three-card type of poker is perfect for relaxation and easy pastime. This game does not require tension and strong concentration from the participants. Luck is more important here than the actions of the players. Three-card poker with interesting partners will allow you to appreciate this famous game and have a good rest. For more information on the rules of this game, please contact the casino staff.

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