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Shangri La casino in Minsk

Shangri La casino in Belarus defines a superior level of service, which aims at guests’ comfort and security – the most important things for a good time. Great service, accompanied by luxury interior, allows you to break away from your daily routine.

"Shangri La" casino in Belarus is famous for its unsurpassed service, the primary goal of which is comfort and convenience of visitors - the main components of quality rest for clients. A magnificent service complements the luxurious interior, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Shangri La is the best casino in Belarus

Shangri La casino has won the International award “Choice of the Year” for the last seven years running! The organizers of the competition have been giving the award to national leaders among services and goods in different categories on Belarusian market.

The project was initiated by Fеstivals International company (USA) and the European Marketing Foundation under the European Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Trade (Brussels, Belgium). The main aim of the project is to make the complex assessment of the quality and popularity of the goods and services among customers and experts in order to choose leaders of the year in every nomination.

In Shangri La Minsk you will not only find diversity of gambling games, but also attend concerts of international stars, spectacular events and thematic show programs. In Shangri La everyone will find something to help them relax and enjoy their visit to our casino.

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ул. Кирова дом 8, корпус 3
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