Shangri La casino is the best place to play roulette in Minsk. The most beneficial type of the game offers different chances on win, and the possibility to choose between different sizes of bets will let you enjoy the game, which corresponds your preferences and possibilities. Polite personnel will answer all your questions with pleasure and help you to feel comfortable when sitting at the table.

For visitors, who prefer a game on high bets, the casino offers a VIP hall, where the possibility to risk a decent sum and get a huge win will catch your breath! Premium service and advantageous bonus program will be able to win hearts of the most demanding lovers of a big game, and will leave the most pleasant emotions after the visit.


To play roulette in Shangri La casino will be exciting for both players with small gaming banks and for those, who prefer a game with high bets. Below is the charts with minimum and maximum bet limits, which will help you to choose a table, according to your preferences.


Roulette is one of the most exciting and mysterious gambling games in casino. For more than two hundred years it has been a favorite entertainment of millions of players and is justly considered to be a queen of gambling. Stacks of color chips, lively atmosphere, thrill of anticipation when a ball falls – each spin and each moment of the game in a roulette create unrenderable emotions, and a visit to a casino leaves unforgettable experience.

The aim of the game is simple and understandable even to starters in a casino: you need to guess a number, where the ball will fall after the spin is started. Roulette in Shangri La casino in Minsk is introduced by a French version of a game with one zero sector. The very French roulette is considered to be the most profitable version, which gives better chances to win.

Playing roulette is an incredibly exciting process with lots of bets. Casino guests have possibility to place on equal chances, columns, dozens, and on separate numbers and their combinations. Besides of one zero sector, distinction of the French version is the possibility to do so called call bets or bets on defined sessions.

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