Blackjack in Shangri La

Shangri La casino is the best place in Minsk to play Blackjack. A relaxing atmosphere, exquisite interior and experienced professional management and superior level of service will help increase your enjoyment of the game. At our tables both experienced players and beginners will feel comfortable as polite dealers will help you to understand the rules and peculiarities of the game. For those who prefer premium service and a high bet game, we have a VIP hall, which will surprise even the most sophisticated clients.


Minimum bets and payouts in Blackjack

Minimum bet Maximum bet
10 500
25 1000
50 1500
100* 2500*
200** 3000**

* Only for holders of Shangri La GOLD cards.
** Only for holders of Shangri La VIP cards.

Shangri La casino has several Blackjack tables as this game is in high demand by gambling lovers. It has a lot in common with public game “twenty-one”, but compared to it, in Blackjack the main aim is not to get 21 points, but to beat the dealer by composing a combination with a higher number of points than the dealer while not exceeding 21.

The highest combination with the highest payout is “blackjack”. It is composed when an Ace and a Ten are the first two cards. Taking into account that in Blackjack not only Tens, but Jacks, Queens and Kings are equal to ten points, a player has a lot of chances to get an ultimate combination. An Ace may be counted both as one and as eleven points, which quite often helps to avoid excess of points.


A dynamic gaming process, high adrenaline rush and a diversity of bets explain incredible popularity of the game. One more peculiarity of blackjack is that this is one of few games in which the result of a gaming session depends not only on the luck but on player’s skills. That is why Blackjack perfectly suits those who like to influence on the result of the game, but not pin faith to fortune.

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