Come to us and experience a remarkable atmosphere, which helps to forget about everyday routine, test your luck and win a huge sum! We are waiting for you in Shangri La!

In a comfortable and spacious slot hall you will find 38 slot machines of the newest generation from brand manufacturers EGT and AGI. Each machine offers a big variety of interesting games, with different bets and denominations.Also in the slot hall of the Shangri La casino is a new generation of Novomatic machines - Impera Line HD 6.

The slot hall in Shangri La Minsk has the most convenient conditions for all levels of player.

  • A lot of different games, which suit every taste, from classical to modern.

  • Easy and handy interface of gaming machines.

  • Possibility to play with special online-cards without using cash that makes the gaming process much easier: to go to another slot machine you without any assistance from the casino staff.

  • Players who prefer the classical style of play, may deposit cash directly to a slot machine.

Below is the chart with minimum and maximum bets for slot machines in Shangri La casino. You can find out more details from casino staff members.

Denomination Minimum bet Maximum bet
0,01 BYN 0,01 BYN 10 BYN
0,02 BYN 0,02 BYN 20 BYN
0,05 BYN 0,05 BYN 50 BYN
0,10 BYN 0,10 BYN 100 BYN
0,20 BYN 0,20 BYN 200 BYN  

New loyalty system for slot players.

By using our Online Card You can become a part of a new loyalty system that gives You the option to:

1) Earn bonus points for every bet you make;

2) Qualify for all levels of «Hot Bonus» jackpots;

3) Qualify for all levels of «Hot Bonus» jackpots;

4) Use the services of our restaurant of Belarusian and European cuisine from Chef Mark Ulrich.


A warm atmosphere, modern gaming equipment and a superior level of service helps increase the enjoyment of the game. Background music, a bar with a diversity of snacks and beverages and comfortable chairs will make your visit to our casino even more pleasant! The best conditions for both for experienced players and beginners. Casino staff members will tell you in details about the rules and teach you how to play slots. According to comments from our regular clients, the slot machines in Shangri La casino are the best in Minsk, which is a weighty argument for you to visit us!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ): 

  1. What are slot machines at Shangri La Casino?
    Slot machines are electronic gambling games that offer players a variety of games of chance. They are popular at Shangri La Casino and come with a variety of themes and prize features.

  2. How many slot machines are available at the Shangri La casino in Minsk?
    The Shangri La casino in Minsk features more than 30 modern slot machines from the world's leading manufacturers.

  3. Do I need to register on a website or casino to play slot machines?
    Registration is not required to play slot machines at Shangri La Casino. However, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the casino rules before starting to play.

  4. Can I play slot machines for free?
    Shangri La Casino provides the opportunity to play for real money. But many slot machines have a demo mode, which allows you to get acquainted with the functionality without betting real money.

  5. What is the betting range on slot machines?
    The betting range may vary depending on the slot chosen, but it generally offers options for all budgets, from small bets to large bets.

  6. How often are new slot machines released at Shangri La Casino?
    Shangri La Casino regularly updates its range of games, including slot machines. New games may appear depending on developer partnerships and market availability.

  7. How can I find out the rules of a specific slot machine in Shangri La?
    The rules are usually available in the slot machine itself through a built-in menu with information, or you can ask the casino staff for help.

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