Poker in Shangri La

It is difficult to find a more popular game than poker. It has had thousands of admirers for a long time and it has been entertainment of the highest demand in all casinos around the world. If you would like to play poker in Minsk, Shangri La casino is the best place to enjoy this game!


Below are the charts with minimum and maximum bet limits, which will help you to choose a table, according to your preferences.

Russian poker

Among a big diversity of poker, the most popular games are played in Shangri La. The unchanged favorite is Russian Poker. The reason of such popularity is in the easy rules and fascinating process of the game. To win a player needs to have a five-card hand, higher than the dealer’s hand. The possibility to play on a few boxes, change cards and buy a sixth card gives additional chances to win.

Omaha Poker

Omaha poker is the most popular kind of poker. The rules of the game are identical to the ones of Texas holdem, but in the initial hand there are 4 cards in Omaha instead of 2, and only 2 cards are used for combination. Omaha seems to be the most aggressive kind of poker, as players have more possibilities to compose combinations, and it becomes more difficult to analyze opponents’ cards.

Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Stud is an American version of poker. Due to easy rules, diversity of combinations and dynamic playing process, this poker is in high demand in Minsk casinos. Caribbean Stud Poker in Shangri La casino is a perfect choice for those, who prefer classic rules of five-card poker and a quick game without changing cards

Texas holdem

Texas Holdem attracts players with an incredible intensity of emotions and the possibility to win millions. However, taking into account all the advantages of this kind of poker, not all players like to play with other players. Specially for them Shangri La offers an adapted for casino conditions version of the game, which is Texas Poker. A five-card combination has also to be composed, the same as in a club variant, using two of their cards and the five flop cards. The main difference is that players play against a dealer.

Ultimate Texas Holdem

Ultimate Texas Holdem is one of the most popular variation of Texas Holdem in Shangri La casino, which is adapted to play against casino. “Ultimate” is based on attractive to players Texas Holdem poker, to be more precise, Casino Texas Holdem, variation for casino. The most interesting in “Ultimate” is that player can “check” at any time during the game. Interesting system of raising bets, availability of bonus payouts, easy rules – all of those make the game in Shangri La fascinating.

In Shangri La you will find different types of poker, which you are able to play in the best Minsk casino and take unforgettable delight in the game. Exquisite interior, pleasant music and considerate personnel will let you enjoy every minute in the casino. For lovers of a serious game, there is a VIP hall, where there are high bets, and all VIP players are offered royal service and additional bonuses.


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